Welcome on Dunkest, the NBA Fantasy Basketball game based on the National Basketball Association (NBA)!

You can play Dunkest Fantasy Basketball for free during the entire 2016 NBA Playoffs: from the first round of the Playoffs until the last match of the Finals. You can also register after the beginning of the competition, getting an entry score to be competitive from the start (see paragraph Scoring).

Please read carefully the instructions below to find out all the secrets of the game.

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Your Fantasy Team must always have 10 players and 1 coach, split as follows:

  • 4 guards
  • 4 forwards
  • 2 centers
  • 1 head coach

All the players of your Fantasy Team get points, with a different weight based on their presence in the starting five (100% of their score) or bench (50% of their score). The Sixth Man, even if part of the bench, gets 100% of his score (for more details, please see the paragraph Scoring)

The lineup selection must abide by one of the following combinations of guards, forwards and centers respectively:

  • 2-2-1
  • 1-2-2
  • 2-1-2
  • 1-3-1
  • 3-1-1

A transaction price – expressed in credits – is linked to each and every player or coach. At the moment of the registration, you have a total of 95 credits (100 if you have subscribed to an All-Star Premium account, 105 if you have subscribed to a MVP Premium account) to build your Fantasy Team.

The number of members (players+coach) that you can pick from the same NBA team depends on the type of account selected:

  • Rookie: 6 basketball players from the same NBA Team;
  • Premium All Star: 7 basketball players from the same NBA Team;
  • Premium MVP: 8 basketball players from the same NBA Team.


For all users who played during the Regular Season, it is necessary to create the team from scratch, as the prices of the players have been changed for the Playoffs.

Remember also that players who have gone out of the Playoffs appear in red. Those players will score 0 points and they should be traded with other players in the “Trades” tab.



The calendar of Dunkest Playoffs is organized in Matchdays. Every Matchday includes all the matches that are played during one day (as stated below, “day” means the US calendar day).

The calendar is created in this way since the number of games played by each team depends on the duration of each Playoffs series and therefore it is not possible to divide the schedule in Matchdays, as was done for the Regular Season.


Every day the scores will be updated and you will be able to trade the players. It is therefore important to check your team everyday in order to evaluate the games that are going to be played and decide the best strategy.



The Playoffs Tournament is independent from the Regular Season one: this means that all teams will start from 0 points. Every day, the total score of your Fantasy team will be calculated taking into consideration:

  • Starting five players: 100% of their scores
  • Head Coach: 100% of his score
  • Sixth Man (the first player on the bench from the left): 100% of his score
  • Bench players: 50% of their scores
  • Trades: the points spent for your trades will be deducted from your Fantasy Team total score (see paragraph Trades)


  • Deadlines: the team must be submitted within 10 minutes from the beginning of the first match of each Matchday. In case of games played in the afternoon (American Time), the substitutions or trades will be closed within 10 minutes from the beginning of the first match of the afternoon and they will stay closed until the last match of the night (American Time);
  • Score update: the scores will be updated within 8 hours after the end of the last match;
  • Suspended, postponed or anticipated matches: if one or more NBA matches are postponed, suspended or delayed, all players involved in these matches will, as a matter of course, get 15 points.
  • Late registrations: the Fantasy Teams registered after the first Matchday, will receive an entry score which allows them to be competitive from the beginning. This score is calculated as the average score of all the teams registered in Dunkest by that time.



Every basketball player gets a score depending on his performance during the match in question and on the result of his NBA team (“match” meaning regulation time and additional extra times).

This score depends on the following point values:

Point scored +1
Defensive rebound +1
Offensive rebound +1,25
Assist +1,5
Steal +1,5
Block +1,5
Double double +5
Triple double +20
Quadruple double +50
Starting five +1
Team’s win +3
Missed field goal -1
Missed free throw -1
Turnover -1,5
Foul out (6 fouls) -5
Team’s loss -3

The Captain: For each Matchday a Captain must be chosen between the players of the lineup: the captain’s total score gets doubled. If the Captain does not play the match, you will miss the chance to gain additional points.



The score of your coach is calculated as the sum of the following values:

Team’s win +20
At least 100 or more points scored by the team +5
80 or less points allowed +5
Team wins by over 20 or more points +5
Team’s loss -10
80 or less points scored by the team -3
100 or more points allowed -3
Team loses by over 20 or more points -3

In case a coach is absent, disqualified or dismissed, the score will be related to his team anyway. If a coach is fired, the score will be attributed to him for the current Matchday; from the following Matchday, the coach will be inactive and you will need to trade him to buy the new coach.



All the values of players and coaches (expressed in credits) change at the end of a Matchday, based on the performances obtained in the previous Matchday.

The variation of the value depends on two factors:

  • The score obtained during the Matchday;
  • A coefficient, that is a parameter dependent on the players’ value: if a player with a low value gets a high score, he will grow more than a player with a high value getting the same score.

The value of players can decrease up to a minimum of 4 credits or increase up to a maximum of 25 credits; the value of coaches can decrease up to a minimum of 4 credits or increase up to a maximum of 15 credits.

Within the section Trade, you will see two pieces of information:

  • Credits available: credits that you have saved from the creation of the team or credits that you gained from trades of players who increased their value;
  • Team value: it’s the sum of the players’ values of your Fantasy Team (including possible increases or decreases given by their performances);

Making winning choices means to bet on players who can increase their value during the season and, if traded, can generate an increase of available credits.

For example: the sum of the values of my Fantasy Team’s players is 93 and I have 2 credits left (Total Value Team: 95). The player X, who costs 10 credits, increases his value up to 12 after the first Matchday. My team value is now 97. If I trade player X, therefore, I could substitute him with a 12-credits player. My team value remains 97, till the next Matchday.

For this reason, it is possible that during the season the value of your team exceeds 105 credits (if you are going well and you have made the right choices) or it could go below 95 credits (if your players have lost value).



Every Fantasy Team automatically takes part in three leagues:

  • Overall league: includes all the Fantasy teams;
  • Favourite team’s league: includes all the Fantasy teams that have chosen the same favourite NBA team;
  • Country league: includes all the Fantasy teams that come from the same country.

IN CASE OF TIE BETWEEN TWO OR MORE TEAMS IN THE GENERAL RANKING: the team that has registered before will be placed on top.



Besides the public leagues, you can participate in an unlimited number of private leagues, in which you can challenge your friends. You can create a new league or you can join an existing one in the Leagues section.

There are two types of leagues:

  • General Ranking” mode: the participating teams are ranked according to the sum of the total points obtained in the different Matchdays. It is similar to the Overall General league, but it includes only the users belonging to that private league.
  • “Head to Head” mode: when the league is created, the teams will be associated to a random calendar in which every Matchday a team competes against another (so, the team that scores more points wins the Matchday and get points for the win)

You can join a league that already exists by inserting a participation code (that you will receive by email) in the specific section “Join league”.

You can create a league in the Leagues section by clicking on “Create league”. After that, you will be able to decide the name of the league and the friends you want to invite.

Remember that the team that will compete in the private league will be the same as your general team (you cannot create a specific team for the league).

Within the private leagues, the different Fantasy coaches might be able to select the same players. If you want to perform drafts (in order not to have the same players), you will need to do that offline.


This game mode is characterized by a ranking, where the position of each team is determined by the sum of the scores obtained in each Matchday.

IN CASE OF A TIE BEWTEEN TWO OR MORE TEAMS: the criteria for determining which team is ranked first are the same as the ones in the paragraph 4A regarding the public leagues.


In the head-to-head leagues, teams compete against a single other team over each Matchday, based on a random calendar that is drawn at the beginning.

The overall points scored by the teams determine the result of the match. For example:

  • Team A 250pts – Team B 220pts: Team A has scored more points and therefore wins the game
  • Team A 220pts – Team B 250pts: Team B has scored more points and therefore wins the game
  • Team A 250pts – Team B 250pts: both teams have scored the same, so to determine the winner of the game we will use the following criteria: 1) the most points scored by the starting five, 2) the team with more points in the overall ranking for all the Matchdays, 3) the team that has registered before in the game


  • The ranking will reflect the win-loss balance of each team, which will be displayed together with the percentage of wins (as displayed in the real NBA Conferences);
  • The winning team is the one with the best wins losses record; in case of tie between two or more teams, the team that has more overall points will be placed on top. In case of tie after this criterion, the team that has registered before will be placed on top;
  • The head-to-head leagues can have a maximum of 20 teams;
  • In case a league is composed by less than 20 teams, the Matchdays will keep happening until the last Matchday of the Playoffs (the round-robin will be iterated until the end of the season);
  • In case a league is composed by an odd number of teams, it will be automatically created a default team, which will always score 150 points. Each team will alternately play a game against the default team. The result that the team obtains is based on the points scored for the Matchday:
    • If equal or higher than 150 points, the team will win the game
    • If lower than 150 points, the team will lose the game


All the private leagues that were created during the Regular Season will be kept active, limited to the General ranking ones.

The Head-to-Head leagues must be created from scratch (since some users could decide not to partecipate in the Playoffs tournament).

The results of the Regular Season private leagues could be checked in the specific area.



You can manage your Fantasy team through the two subsections:

  • Team: to manage the lineup, choosing the starting five and the bench
  • Trade: to buy and sell players

5a. TEAM

In the My Team area you can check the score of your Fantasy team and you can make substitutions to and from the bench during the very same Matchday.

Despite the Regular Season tournament, it will not be possible to perform substitutions (the ones made by the user between one day and another, in order to insert in the field players who still need to play). This happens because every day the rankings are going to be updated.

Every day it will be possible to change the lineup and players for the next Matchday.




Before every Matchday, in the Trades section, you can modify your fantasy basketball roster by selling basketball players and head coach and buying new ones from other teams. You can save the changes only between two different Matchdays.


  • Cost of trades: every trade will cost you 3 credits off your overall score of the following day. If you own a Premium account, you have 1 free trade (for the All-Star account) or 2 free trades (for the MVP account) at your disposal for each Matchday;
  • Unlimited and free trades: before the end of the Regular Season and before the beginning of the Playoffs (so, from the 14th until the 16th April 2016), you can make an unlimited number of trades for free;
  • Wildcard: when played, all trades will be unlimited and free for the current Matchday. If you own a Premium account, you have at your disposal 1 (for the All-Star Premium account) or 3 (for the MVP Premium account) Wildcards; with the Rookie account you don’t have any Wildcards. You can use your Wildcard in the following way: once you have made your trades and clicked on “Save changes”, you have to switch in the “ON” position the Wildcard button situated below the summary table of your trades (the button will change from red to green). The Wildcards could be bought also in addition to the Premium accounts and are valid until the end of the Playoffs Tournament.

The NBA players that are eliminated from the Playoffs will be shown in red and they will not get any points. You will need to sell them in the Trades section, substituting them with an active player.




You can play Dunkest Fantasy Basketball choosing between three types of account: ROOKIE (free), ALL-STAR (6,99€) or MVP (9,99€). You can change your account in every moment (also during the Playoffs), accessing the Premium section.

ROOKIE – free ALL STAR – 6,99 $ MVP – 9,99 $
Team creation Yes Yes Yes
Roster composition 10 players + coach 10 players + coach 10 players + coach
Unlimited leagues Yes Yes Yes
View other teams Yes Yes Yes
Extra credits (starting from 95) 0 +5 +10
Wildcards 0 1 3
Free trades per Matchday 0 1 2
Number of players from the same NBA Team 6 7 8
Dunkest Statistic Area No Yes Yes
Premium Assistance No Yes Yes
Premi Yes Yes Yes




During the NBA season you can enrich your Rookie, All-Star or MVP account with further advantages that can be bought singularly (see section Premium > Single Advantages):

  • Additional credits: from +1 to +10;
  • Wildcards: extra wildcards, up to a maximum of 50;
  • Free Trades: from 1 to 5 free trades, valid for the whole Playoffs;
  • Number of players from the same NBA Team: increase of the number of players belonging to the same NBA Team, up to a maximum of 4.
  • Advanced Statistics: access to the advanced statistics section In order to better manage the team. It is included the access to: individual statistics, team statistics, the innovative “comparison” function to compare the statistics of 2 players and make the best decision.

Single advantages could be easily associated to any account (Rookie, All-Star or MVP), keeping in mind that they will be summed up to the ones already present in the Premium account, up to the maximum of each advantage.

Single advantages last for the whole NBA Playoffs.


For any question, doubt or information that have not exhaustively been discussed or explained, please have a look at the Contacts section, where you can find the solution to your problem.

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